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Folding Tables

HUSKY Seating heavy duty folding tables are the toughest commercial folding tables on the market, with weight capacities up to 1,000 LBS.

Whether you're shopping for plastic or laminate, HUSKY Seating heavy duty folding tables offer weight capacities up to 1,000 lbs for the toughest jobs.

Our folding tables are designed to the highest standards and are put to the test in high traffic and intensive use environments on a daily basis.  We back each folding table with our HUSKY Seating Lifetime Warranty, protecting your table from defect for life.

HUSKY Seating plastic folding tables offer durability and a rigid surface that competitors cannot replicate.  Despite a lighter weight, our heavy duty plastic folding tables prevent sagging with weight capacities up to 1,000 LBS, even after years of use! Each table is supported by a thick, steel frame and is outfitted with an easy step-fold mechanism to avoid pinched fingers. 

HUSKY Seating laminate folding tables offer a commercial grade high pressure laminate surface and a rugged steel frame.  Choose from over 20 laminate options!

We offer folding tables in all popular sizes, in various materials to meet your needs.  For any tough job that needs the functionality of a folding table, our HUSKY Seating tables are up to the task.  HUSKY Seating tables are used in schools, churches, convention centers, offices, and countless other facilities across the country.