Drafting Stools

Our Big & Tall drafting stools will give you a boost up in height!  If you're working at an elevated surface, like a workbench, a drafting stool is a must. Tall drafting chairs have longer cylinders so that you can have a higher seat than traditional office chairs. And if you’re working long hours every day, it’s just as important that your drafting stool is comfortable and durable—at Husky Office we take pride in our selection of Big & Tall drafting stools, which are constructed to hold from 300 lbs. to 450 lbs. Made from carefully selected materials, all components are designed and built to withstand even the toughest work environments, and each drafting chair features an indestructible steel base as well as durable wheel casters.

With stools available from brands like Husky Office, Alera, and NPS, you’re sure to find the right fit for your workspace.  Our Big & Tall padded stools are upholstered in quality materials like soft fabric and classic, professional leather that won’t break down or fray with daily use.  Made to last, your chair will maintain its attractive, professional appearance for years to come.  

At Husky Office we offer a selection of drafting chairs with extra wide seats so that users of all sizes are sure to be working in comfort and therefore increasing productivity.  Seats on these stools are available up to 23.5” wide.  Several models feature extra seat padding, made of long-lasting, quality foam up to 5” thick.  Most of our drafting stools for sale also feature a foot rest for additional comfort, along with the standard office chair features like tilt, posture adjustment, lumbar support, and more. Models are offered with and without adjustable arms.

Free shipping and free returns are offered on all of our products here at Husky Office.  Contact our office chair experts for assistance in finding the perfect drafting stool for your workspace today!

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