Medical Disclaimer

We specialize in heavy duty, big & tall seating for demanding work environments.  We do not advertise its products as a solution for those with medical or mobility issues.  If you have a medical or mobility issue, we advise you to seek a seating solution from a medical solutions provider and discuss your needs with a medical professional.  Our products are not designed for this purpose.

The chairs we offer are designed for typical office use only.  They should not be used as a mobility tool, such as a wheelchair or as a walker.  Users must have the necessary mobility to appropriately stand up and sit down in the office chair.  To stand up, users must do so under their own strength, or use an adequate table for support, not a part of the chair.  The armrests, backrest, and other components of our office chairs are not designed to withstand a user's entire weight in the action of standing up or sitting down.  Most office chairs are designed with wheels and are expected to move or tip if force is applied unevenly on the chair - bracing on a single armrest, etc.  This action poses a dangerous risk for those with mobility issues and who may fall if the chair shifts under inappropriate use.

We do not advertise our products as a solution for chronic pain, back surgeries, or arthritis.  For individual with specific needs relating to pain, we highly suggest looking for a medical-specific furniture solution.  We specialize in heavy duty chairs designed for the office and will be comfortable for standard office use, but do not contain any special features to accomodate medical issues.

All office chairs offered by,, and and efurnitureMax, LLC are to be used at the user's own risk.  By ordering with us, you agree to not hold efurnitureMax, LLC responsible nor liable for damages incurred through use of one of our office chairs.